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Ayurvedaday celebrations

Donald Benjamin
Ayurvedaday celebrations

Donald Benjamin
AyurvedaDay& World Sight Day

Donald Benjamin
Ayurvedaday celebrations

Donald Benjamin
'Ayurveda Everyday Ayurveda Everywhere

Donald Benjamin
AyurvedaDay celebrations

Donald Benjamin
AyurvedaDay2022& Navratri celebrations

Donald Benjamin
Ayurveda Day Microsite

Activities For General Public

1. Preparation of healthy sweets.
2. Prakriti Assessment.
3. Following Ayurveda navaratna.
4. Slow food for health.
5. Video competition through My gov on live themes:

  • Ayurveda in my day
  • Ayurveda in my kitchen
  • Ayurveda in my garden
  • Ayurveda in my farm
  • Ayurveda in my food/diet

(Three prizes in each category: 75K, 50K, 25K)

Weekly Events

9/21/2022 Ayurveda for Millenials Awareness Programs on importance of Exercise
9/22/2022 Awareness Programs on importance of Yoga and Meditation
9/23/2022 Awareness Programs on importance of PEACE -Mental Health
9/24/2022 Awareness program on -Healthy Life (Strat up)/Carrier Guidance/Ayurveda Farming
9/25/2022 Awareness program on PROGENY - Healthy Progeny/ANC Care through Ayurveda
9/26/2022 Ayurveda Ahara Ayurveda Chef Competition
9/27/2022 Ayurveda Diet Importance Awareness/Talks
9/28/2022 Awareness progams on importance of Millets in health
9/29/2022 Awareness progams on Ayurveda Diet for Childrens/Youth /Geriatric
9/30/2022 Awareness progams on Seasonal Ayurveda Diet
10/01/2022 Ayurveda Diet for common Symptoms/ Disease
10/02/2022 Ayurveda Diet for Healthy Progeny
10/03/2022 Ayurveda for Senior Citizens Ayurveda Awareness Talks/Chowpal
10/04/2022 Nukad Natak/Street plays for Health Promotion
10/05/2022 Health Camp for Geriatric Health
10/06/2022 Competition Poem/Eassy/Story Writing Poster/Rangoli/Painting on Geriatric Health Promotion through Ayurveda
10/07/2022 Lectures on Preventive/curative Health/oral Health
10/08/2022 Spiritual Meditation & Rehabilitation/Dada & Dadi Day
10/09/2022 Rasyan/Medhya rasyan/Suppliments - Awareness Programs
10/10/2022 Ayurveda for mental well-being Health camp
10/11/2022 Yoga session for general public
10/12/2022 Spiritual Meditation/Yoga Practice/Pranyam
10/13/2022 Awareness Lectures on Stress Management
10/14/2022 Competition Poem/Eassy/Story Writing Poster/Rangoli/Painting on Mental health promotion through Ayurveda
10/15/2022 Nukad Natak/Street/Talks plays for Health Promotion
10/16/2022 Spiritual Meditation
10/17/2022 Expert Talks
10/18/2022 Ambassador through ICON
10/19/2022 Mouth Publicity Door to Door Ayurved Aapke Dwar
10/20/2022 Celebrity experience of Ayurveda on Social Media
10/21/2022 Advertisements,Comics,Books,Print media,TV Scrolling
10/22/2022 Ayurveda Ki Baat on AIR (All India Radio)/FM, TVs, social media (Youtube etc)
10/23/2022 Sharing of Patients experience in print/social media