9/26/2022 Ayurveda Ahara Ayurveda Chef Competition
9/27/2022 Ayurveda Diet Importance Awareness/Talks
9/28/2022 Awareness progams on importance of Millets in health
9/29/2022 Awareness progams on Ayurveda Diet for Childrens/Youth /Geriatric
9/30/2022 Awareness progams on Seasonal Ayurveda Diet
10/01/2022 Ayurveda Diet for common Symptoms/ Disease
10/02/2022 Ayurveda Diet for Healthy Progeny
10/03/2022 Ayurveda for Senior Citizens Ayurveda Awareness Talks/Chowpal
10/04/2022 Nukad Natak/Street plays for Health Promotion
10/05/2022 Health Camp for Geriatric Health
10/06/2022 Competition Poem/Eassy/Story Writing Poster/Rangoli/Painting on Geriatric Health Promotion through Ayurveda
10/07/2022 Lectures on Preventive/curative Health/oral Health
10/08/2022 Spiritual Meditation & Rehabilitation/Dada & Dadi Day
10/09/2022 Rasyan/Medhya rasyan/Suppliments - Awareness Programs
10/10/2022 Ayurveda for mental well-being Health camp
10/11/2022 Yoga session for general public
10/12/2022 Spiritual Meditation/Yoga Practice/Pranyam
10/13/2022 Awareness Lectures on Stress Management
10/14/2022 Competition Poem/Eassy/Story Writing Poster/Rangoli/Painting on Mental health promotion through Ayurveda
10/15/2022 Nukad Natak/Street/Talks plays for Health Promotion
10/16/2022 Spiritual Meditation
10/17/2022 Expert Talks
10/18/2022 Ambassador through ICON
10/19/2022 Mouth Publicity Door to Door Ayurved Aapke Dwar
10/20/2022 Celebrity experience of Ayurveda on Social Media
10/21/2022 Advertisements,Comics,Books,Print media,TV Scrolling
10/22/2022 Ayurveda Ki Baat on AIR (All India Radio)/FM, TVs, social media (Youtube etc)
10/23/2022 Sharing of Patients experience in print/social media